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Crown Fellowship dba Prince Charming is one of the premiere Renaissance and Celtic jewelers in the United States. With decades of experience designing beautiful Celtic rings, crowns, ear cuffs, and fairy ears, we are able to provide amazing work at reasonable prices, Crown Fellowship satisfies.


Sky Tandberg, the co-owner of Crown Fellowship is a third generation jeweler.


Sky has an MA in creative arts and has won several awards for his work.


We take our design inspiration from ancient Celtic designs, such as the Book of Kells. We love to work will all kinds of metals- pewter, bronze, steel, and of course, sterling silver. We cut many of our own stones.

If you want to find us, we do a lot of Celtic games, renaissance and fantasy faires, and art and wine events in California, Oregon, Washington, Pennsylvania, Texas, Arizona, Nevada, Hawaii,  other states, and all around the world.  Email us and we'll be happy to tell you where to find us!


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